Give the Ultimate Gift of Relaxation this Mother’s Day!

Say goodbye to the last-minute gift purchases and say hello to the gift of Massage.

The timer has started counting down

If you go to any grocery store or drugstore this week, the greeting card aisle will most likely be crowded with searching, slightly frantic, slightly sweating sons, daughters, and spouses. You enter the ranks of the well-intentioned and look for a card that will make Mom smile, thank you, and re-appoint you as “Mama’s Favorite.” You remember, however, that you’re a smidgeon too late, when your options are a cartoon cutout, a musical card that blares old nostalgic songs with tinny persistence, or, God forbid, a card that jokingly compares Mom’s hairdo to that of a certain presidential candidate.

Mother's Day is a difficult holiday to navigate for some!

We strive to condense our feelings of gratitude, affection, and admiration into a single day. Rest easy and give your mother the gift of massage! She deserves the best gift there is and what better way to show you love and care for her, then by looking out for her health?

It's good for everyone!

Massage is a relaxing, calming, and immunity-boosting experience for everyone, whether Mom is as stable as she was decades ago, or has begun to experience any health issues. Increased circulation and muscle relaxation are beneficial to everyone, so why not help your mom?

If your mother doesn’t get massages on a regular basis, this is a perfect way to expose her to the many health benefits it provides!

For example, massage can alleviate stress, reduce feelings of anxiety or depression, increase blood flow, increase mobility, improve muscle memory and retention, and reduce pain or inflammation.

Setting the tone

You’re setting a strong example of wellness by giving your mother or mother-figure a massage at BrickHouse Massage (and even having one yourself). You’re beginning a wonderful family tradition by prioritizing your own health and enabling your mom to reap the benefits as well! One or two wise decisions will pave the way for a lifetime of health. Begin yours in May by implementing this vital component of good health. You’ll be happy you did it years from now, when Mom and you are enjoying Mother’s Day massages together.

Happy Mother’s Day!