10 Ways to Spoil Your Sweetheart this February

Valentine's Day Сomposition

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s time to think about the ways you’ll want to spoil your sweetheart during this season of love. The way to spoil your sweetheart depends a lot on the love language your partner responds to the most. There are several types of love languages including words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.  Choosing your gift around their love language can help make it a success, so here’s ten varied ideas to help you show your partner appreciation.

1. Buy something off their Wishlist.

This one seems the simplest, but it can go a long way for someone’s who’s love language is receiving gifts. If your partner has an online Wishlist, be sure to buy an item off that, or pay attention to what they are telling you they want. Choosing the gift that they most want isn’t just about being materialistic, it shows your partner that you’ve been listening to their desires and understand what they are interested in. People who like receiving gifts as their love language usually enjoy that sign of extra attention.

2. Buy something bespoke or handcrafted.

If your partner is still the type that responds to gifts but doesn’t have a particular Wishlist in mind, choosing something handcrafted or unique might be the way to go. Spokane is home to plenty of wonderful small businesses that sell handcrafted soaps, candles, jewelry, clothing, sporting goods, etc.

Taking the time to find something that is special and different can help your loved one feel thought about and appreciated, maybe even more than the mass produced plastic knick-knacks from a big box store.

Take time to find something that really suits them and their desires. For example, if they want to try to go more natural in the products they use, using handcrafted soaps that use all natural ingredients and use a scent they love can really hit the mark.

3. Make a special dinner.

When it comes to quality time, one of the ways to show affection is to enjoy a tasty meal. Light some candles and get rid of other distractions.

Knowing that you took the time to make dinner can also be a way to show appreciation.

Most importantly, though, is the conversation that you have during the meal. This isn’t just about eating together but taking time out of your night to really focus on one another. That’s why removing distractions, such as turning off your phone, can be an important part.

Wine and dine them with your company.

4. Order in.

If you aren’t a talented cook, you can still set a romantic dinner by ordering delivery or take out. A lot of local restaurants have been suffering the last couple years so choosing to support your favorite can help your local economy too.

When the food arrives, make a point of replating it and still having that romantic dinner. You can focus on your partner and give them the quality time they crave.

5. Take a genuine interest in their hobby.

Another way to show a quality timer that you love them is to take a sincere interest in one of their hobbies. For example, if your partner is an outdoorsy type find a nice hiking trail you both can try out.

The most important thing here is communication. Show your partner you are genuinely interested in spending time doing something they love.

Be open to the experience and let them show you what it is about the activity they love.

Avoid just joining them on their weekly hike, because that can lead to some feelings of intrusion. Instead, plan an entire day around spending time together. 

6. Do a chore, without being asked, and do it right.

A partner that cares about acts of service will probably appreciate this one.

If you know there’s a chore they really hate doing, just do it for them. Wash the dishes after dinner, take care of a load of laundry, mop the floors, or clean the bathroom.

This act will show them that you appreciate what they do for you and give them a chance to relax. It also helps remove stress from a partner who is overwhelmed or overworked.

It might be a good idea to make it a habit of during one or more chore for them every so often to show them that you understand how much work they do.

7. Give them a full tank of gas.

Another way to show an act of service is to take their car and fill up their gas. This is even more important if you know they’re running low and have to be at work the next day.

It can give them a little extra time in the morning when they know they don’t have to stop by the station. This small thing can really make their day better.

It shows that you value their time and energy and want them to get where they need to be the next day easier.

8. Write a card.

Words of affirmation can be anything from simple compliments to long love letters, so why not meet in the middle? Find a nice card at a store, or print one yourself, and write a heart-felt note inside. Include words about what it is you love about your partner and why you choose to be with them. That can help your loved one feel appreciated and cared about.

9. Watch a movie at home.

A partner who values physical touch will enjoy the excuse to cuddle up. With a lot of new movies releasing on streaming service you can watch something new or pick an old favorite.

Make a whole event of it by making popcorn or getting their favorite snack, then share a blanket. It’s a good way to welcome physical touch and comfort without expectations.

10. Book a couple’s massage

If you’re looking for something grander, book couple’s massage with Brickhouse.  This is a great act of service and a way to spend quality time together. Our massage services are customized to your needs which means that we focus on the problem areas that bother you the most and help melt away your stress. With add-ons such as hot rocks and aromatherapy you can customize your experience to your exact needs. Our appointments book up fast, so contact us soon to schedule your time.

The goal of your gift this holiday should be to communicate with your loved one in the language that they best respond to. That could be any number of ways, but whatever you choose, pick something that relieves them of stress and lets them know how much you appreciate them. That helps them know that you really care.

Happy Valentine's Day!